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CALVAMAT is a Microsoft WINDOWS® file transfer software which is compatible with all versions of that operating system from WINDOWS 95 on, for either 32- or 64-bit systems.

CALVAMAT provides a simple interface for exchanging files with the CalvaEDI server..  It ensures transactional security in the event of network problems, optional backup communications over PSTN or ISDN, and secure encryption of all data transmitted.

It is in these respects preferable to transmissions based on FTP and provides an industrially appropriate.method of reliably exchanging data which is critical to a customer's production requirements.

CALVAMAT was developed in collaboration with a long-standing engineering partner, the French company Logilune.

Latest Version

The current version of CALVAMAT is 3.3, installed on 1 Sept. 2014.

Fixes in this version

Version 3.3 (1/9/2014)

  1. fixups for handling modems connected by USB port
  2. fix a bug which caused the program to loop on SSL certain errors